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Food 4 Thought Forum

Community forum on the the Future of Food and Farming in the Columbia Gorge On Friday, October 16th , Grow Organic will host a community forum that will focus on our local food system, our farms, water issues, climate change, nutrition and food security. Co-Sponsored by Gorge Grown , Gorge Owned and The Rockford Grange , 9 short presentations by local residents who bring a unique perspective to the table, will be followed by discussion with questions from the audience. Dr...

Organic Seed Garlic grown in Hood River for the Northwest

Here's a list of our varieties of Organic Seed Garlic the we have for sale in 2016 . We have 16 certified organic varieties from our friends at Columbia Gorge Garlic . The other 8 varieties are certified naturally grown that we grew at Fiddle Farms. (If there is no link, please be patient as we are adding those new varieties as quickly as we can) $3.00 to $7.00 per 1/4 pound or $12 to $28 per pound. Typically, the less expensive varieties will be slightly smaller and/or less uniform. The more expensive varieties will be exceptional ...

Girls Grow! Canna-Book Club

What is the legal status of Cannabis in Oregon? Curious about edibles, vapes , shatter, etc.? Want to learn how to grow your own four plants? What to chat while trimming? "Girls Grow!" is Grow Organic’s new book club for women interested in learning more about this fascinating plant, Cannabis Sativa. Come explore cannabis cultivation, consumption and history in a fun, informal setting this Fall. Meetings start mid-October. If you are interested in joining this book club; If you are interested in this book club, please fill in your information below.

Growing Cannabis 101

In Oregon, anyone over 21 can now grow four Cannabis plants per household. These classes are designed for the beginner grower who wants to learn the ins and outs of growing cannabis for personal / recreational use. They are separated into 3 days, 3 hours a day, and held one day each week. You can take one, two or all three classes. Over 21 only. Sorry, no cannabis will be consumed during this class. We will be following up these classes with more advanced techniques for cloning, hydroponics, breading and growing commercially...

Columbia Gorge Cannabis Growers Association

The objective of the Columbia Gorge Cannabis Growers Association ( CGCGA ) is to promote the local cannabis industry support local cannabis growers work cooperatively with the other cannabis businesses -wholesalers, retailers, processors Through education, marketing, and research, the CGCGA will provide networking events, classes and professional services such as legal, accounting and marketing so that you can focus on growing. If you are interested in joining the CGCGA or want some additional information, please fill out the form below.