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Monday-Friday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM
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Fiddle Farms at the White Salmon Farmer's Market

Our summer veggies are here! We're overflowing with delicious, fresh, organically-grown veggies to share with you. To make it easier, find us at both the popular Thursday Market in Hood River and now at the the White Salmon Farmers' Market, Tuesdays at Feast in White Salmon from 4: 00PM to 7: 00PM . The White Salmon market is a festive summer gathering place focused on community food producers and consumers. Visit, dine, hear great tunes and enjoy a cold beverage as you support local farmers while finding the best harvests of the season!

Natural Beekeeping Talk

The Gorge Beekeeper's Club is excited to bring to Hood River Matt Reed of Beethinking. Matt will be discussing natural beekeeping methods as well as the Horizontal Topbar Hive as well as the Warre Hive.

Nematodes, Ladybugs, and Lacewings Are in!

Biological controls use natural enemies to control pests. This is a viable and effective alternative to pesticides for some pests in our area. Biocontrol agents include a wide variety of life forms, including vertebrates, invertebrates, fungi, and microorganisms. These beneficial species are common in most natural communities and, although their presence is often unnoticed, they help maintain the "balance of nature" by regulating the density of their host or prey population. Beneficial Nematodes naturally occur in soil and are used to control the larva of soil pest insects...

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