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Your local Hood River source for organic home, farm & garden supplies. We love healthy food, happy neighbors and living in the Columbia River Gorge!

Grow is excited to offer a self-service area plus special orders to our community. If you are interested in this service, please click here for more information >>


2019 Seed Potatoes, Onions, Shallots and Asparagus!

Spring 2019: This year, we will be pre-ordering all-organic potatoes, onions and asparagus crowns for our customers. Russet Burbank, Red Pontiac, German Butterball, Yukon Gold, Kennebec, French Fingerling, Rose Finn Apple.  More info >>

Animal Feed

We carry a large selection of Organic Chicken, Goat, Pig, Rabbit and other livestock feeds from Scratch and Peck, Union Point and Payback.

Organic Fertilizers

Natural and organic fertilizers differ from chemical versions because they feed your plants while building the soil. More Information >>


Order Seed Savers Exchange and Johnny’s Selected Seeds this winter for Spring Planting!  More Info >>

Plant Starts

We’ll be supplying plant starts in the Spring. More Info >>


We will start taking chick orders in January. Chicks arrive in March.

When our girls arrive, they are fed organic starter feed and probiotic water to give them the best start possible.

More information >>