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Saturday and Sunday Spring Special: 10% OFF Seed and Soil

New Spring Hours! Grow is open 10AM-5PM Monday-Friday; 10AM-2PM Saturday and  Sunday.



Chicks are Here!

When our girls arrive, they are fed organic starter feed and probiotic water to give them the best start possible. We guarantee you will take home healthy chicks or we will replace them.

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Old Sol Nucs

Old Sol Enterprises is a family run business that works to promote sustainable agriculture by implementing sustainable agriculture, organic farming and integrated pest management.

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Organic Fertilizers

Natural and organic fertilizer differs from chemicals in that they feed your plants while building the soil. More Information >>

Strawberry Plants!

Seascapes, Totem, Shuksan, Honeoye, Albion, and Hoods.

Seed Potatoes and Onions!

All Organic: French Fingerling, Princess LaRatte, Purple Peruvian , Russet Burbank, Red Pontiac, German Butterball , Yellow Finn, Yukon Gold, Yukon Gem, Huckleberry Gold, All Blue Potato, All Red Potato

Also: asparagus crowns, onion transplants, shallots and seed garlic. More info >>

Animal Feed

We carry a large selection of Organic Chicken, Goat, Pig, Rabbit and other livestock feeds from Scratch and Peck, Union Point and Payback.

Beneficial Bugs

Beneficial Bugs, like Predatory mites, ladybugs and lacewings in the garden are the security system you need to stop plant eating pests. More Information >>