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New Summer Hours! Grow is open 10AM-5PM Monday-Friday; 10AM-2PM Saturday and closed Sunday.

Plant Starts

Our organically-grown plant starts include perennial (oregano, thyme, hyssop, sage, etc.) and annual herbs (dill, basil, etc.) and a few last annual veggies such as eggplant, peppers, summer and winter squash and cucumbers.  Coming next? Perennial/annual flowers and Fall veggie starts arriving late July….


Gold-laced Cochin – Cuckoo Maran- Blue-laced Red Wyandotte- Russian Orloff-Welsummer- Buff Orpington- Light Brahma

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Seed Potatoes and more!

All Organic: Purple Peruvian, Rose Finn Apple, Princess LaRotte, Butte, Red Norland, Red Pontiac, German Butterball, Yukon Gold, Yukon Gem, All Blue, All Red, Blue Belle, Caribe, Sangre, King Edward, French Fingerling, Viking Purple. Plus asparagus crowns, onion transplants, shallots and seed garlic. More info >>

Honey Bee Swarms

Do you think you have a bee swarm in Hood River or sounding Gorge area? First off, don’t panic. The bees are usually not aggressive at this stage of their life cycle and are very unlikely to sting. Swarming is the natural means of reproduction of honey bee colonies. What to do about it? Simple: Call Grow Organic at: 541-632-3478. More info >>