As many of you know, we have been trying to sell the store for the past several months. Since that doesn’t look like that will happen, so we are look for a different solution. Our goal has always been, and will remain to be, to keep a supply of organic products flowing into the Hood River Valley. In order to be true to this goal as well as to allow us to have some more time at our farm, this is what we’ve come up with……

  1. Self-Service: Many products will be available at a storage container – locatation TBD. You would simple go to the container, take what you want and write down what you took. It will be stocked with Scratch and Peck, Union Point and Payback feeds, Grit, Soil, Composts and a seasonal selection of other soil amendments. If you are interested in continuing to use these products, all you will need is a key code and supply us with your credit card information which will be charged monthly for the products that you take.
  2. Special Orders: Besides the Self-Service area, you will also be able to special order products from our website and pick them up at the storage container, or have them delivered right to your door for a small fee. Our website will have all the products that we supply and you will simply let us know what you want via email or filling out an online form.
  3. Chicks: If you know Ketrina, you know she can’t give up her chicks business. So, we are just going to move our brooders to the farm. Let us know what types you want in advance, and we’ll get them on our next order. Again, pick them up at the farm or we’ll deliver for a small fee.
  4. Beekeeping Supplies: We’ll still stock a supply of hives and other beekeeping equipment. Just order what you want off the website and we’ll drop them off or pick them up at the storage container.
  5. Plant Starts: One of the reasons we wanted to sell is so that we can focus more on growing plants. Therefore, we will still grow veggies starts in the Spring for your gardens. Just pick them up at the farm or we’ll deliver for a small fee.
  6. Soil Testing: Yes, we will still be able to do soil tests. Drop off your test at the container and we’ll email you the results and recommendations in 2 weeks.
  7. Farmer’s Winter Special: Every year, we have large sales for local farmers which buy pallets of products and pick them up at the store. We will continue to have this sale for farmers, but pickup with just be at a new location TBD.
  8. Advice. We are happy to continue to give you advice on your soil, gardening, bees, chickens and whatever else we can. It will just be done over the phone or email.

We know a lot of you are sad that we are closing the store. We hope that you will continue to use organic products and that you will sign up for this new Grow 2.0 service. Since we are not having to bear the burden of the costs of running a retail store, I think you will also be happy with the savings that will be passed on to our customers.

If you are interested in signing up for this service, please fill out the form below: