Grow Organic is is excited to offer: 

  • Self-Service: Many products we carry at the store will be available at a storage shed location. There will be a list of products in the container on our website. You would simply go to the container, take what you want and write down what you’ve taken. We will keep the container stocked with Scratch and Peck, Union Point and Payback feeds, Grit, Soil, Composts and a seasonal selection of other soil amendments.
  • Custom Orders: You will also be able to special order products from our website and pick them up at the storage shed. Our website will have all the products that we supply and you will simply let us know what you want via email or filling out an online form.
  • Seasonal Items: 
    1. Poultry: If you know Ketrina, you know she can’t give up her chicks! So, we are just going to move our brooders to the farm. Same format as before…you tell us how many you want from an availability list in advance and we’ll get them to you.
    2. Farm Fresh! (Fresh Veggies, Flowers, Honey & Jams): Don’t want the overload of a weekly CSA? We’ll post what’s in season each month at the farm, tell us what you want and pick it up once a week.
  • Special Services:
    • Many of you rely on our annual soil tests and bulk amendment orders. Yes, we’ll still do them! Drop off your test at the shed and we’ll email you the results and recommendations in 2 weeks.
    • Every spring, we have special pricing for local farmers who buy pallets of products and pick them up at the store. We will continue to have this sale for farmers, with either delivery or pickup.
  • Advice. We’re still here for you! We are happy to advise on your soil, gardening, bees, chickens and whatever else we can via email, phone, and appointment.


If you are interested in continuing to use these products, all you will need is a key code and supply us with a credit card authorization form. Your card will be charged  for the products that you take from the self-service area. If you are interested in signing up for this service, please click here.