Q: How does the self-service area work?
A: Check the PRODUCT LIST on our website then simply go into the shed any time, take the products you want, fill out the sales form and put the sales form in the lock box. We’ll charge your credit card on file  and email you a receipt.

Q: Will the shed be open specific hours?
A: Nope. There will be a keyless entry system to the shed and you will have a  unique code so you can go in anytime you want.  There will be some solar lights in the shed, but you may want to have a headlamp if you are going after dark.

Q: How is my credit card information being stored?
A: Good question!  Your card information will not be in the shed nor will anyone besides myself have access to this information. We will only have a single hard copy of the authorization form stored in our safe in our office at the farm which will only be accessed in order to charge the card for what you take.  If any purchases are unclear on your monthly receipt, I’ll contact you immediately before any charges are made.

Q: Can I pay by cash or check instead of using a credit card?
A: Yes, there will be envelopes at the shed to place your cash/check into when you fill in the sales form. However, you still need a credit card on file before you get access to the shed. We also ask that you send us a quick note that you paid via cash/check so that we can remove your payment from the shed that day.

Q: What if I want to pay cash, but don’t have exact change?
A: Not a problem. Anything you pay above what is owe will be a credit on your account. 

Q: Can I special order things that are not in the shed?
A: Yes,  Once we get the shed open, we’ll post a list of items you can also purchase by request. We won’t have everything we had at the retail store, but we’ll still be able to get many of your favorite things.  Once the item is in stock, we’ll put your name on it in the shed and send you an email.

Q: Will you have chicks and organic plant starts for sale?
A: Yes, in the Spring. We’ll be working out those details later. If you have requests for either, let Ketrina know:   ketrina@groworganics.org

Q: Will you still have honey for sale?
A: Absolutely. Look for it on the Product List when it’s available.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: Just send me an email (connect@groworganics.org) and we’ll take you off the email list and return or destroy your Credit Card Authorization Form. 

Q: Will your prices be the same as what they were at the store?
A: No, they will be lower since we don’t have the same overhead we had when we were at the retail store.