Now taking orders for 2018

Due to the fact that Varroa mites have rapidly evolved resistance to the most widely used acaricides, the long-term sustainability of apiculture depends on the elimination of the industry’s reliance on toxic chemicals that are known to taint wax and honey. In an effort to abate this trend, we have chosen to work with an organic apiary in Southern Oregon called Old Sol Bees, which has developed a Varroa mite resistant queen line. These bees, developed by Doctors Harbo and Harris, are known as Suppressed Mite Reproduction (SMR) or Smart Bees. The breeder queens were selected from untreated survivor stock. Further selection criteria include gentleness, fecundity, and honey production. Daughters of these queens are what you are ordering.

Nucs will be ready to pick up at our farm early to mid-May depending on how the weather is for the first part of spring. * Please note that these Nucs use Langstroth Frames. They are not meant to be used for Top Bar Hives.

Cost is $180 per Nuc plus $20 deposit for the wooden Nuc box which is refundable, but you may want to just keep the box as they are worth more then $20. Pickup is at our farm on Reed Road in Hood River at night.

To order, call us at: 541-632-3478 or use the form below. Payment will be required by April 15th, 2018.