In 2019, we will be pre-ordering potatoes, onions, shallots and asparagus crowns for our customers. There are minimums that we need to meet, so please get your orders in asap so we can see where we stand with each variety.

Organic Onion Transplants – $7 per bundle (~25 starts)

  • Walla Walla – Sweet White Onion
  • Patterson – Yellow Storage Onion
  • Red Hawk – Red Onion

Shallots – $10 per pound, sold by the pound.

  • Dutch Yellow Shallots Sets

Asparagus Crowns – $15 per bundle (~10 crowns)

  • Jersey Giant
  • Purple Passion

Organic Standard Potatoes – $3.50 per pound, sold by the pound. 

  • Organic Russet Burbank
  • Organic Red Pontiac
  • Organic German Butterball
  • Organic Yukon Gold (may sub Yukon Gem)
  • Organic Kennebec

Organic Fingerling Potatoes – $7.00 per pound, sold by the pound. 

  • Organic French Fingerling
  • Organic Rose Finn Apple
Please fill out the form below with the varieties and amount of each that you want to order.  Example: “1 pound of Russet, 1 pound French Fingerling, 1 bundle of Jersey Giant, 1 bundle Walla Walla.”  Thank you!