The Farm is our homestead market farm located on the Hood River. The property has 15 acres that encompasses a variety of micro-climates. About 3 acres are in active use for fruit, veggies, flower and livestock. It is located on the Hood River about 15 minutes from the town of Hood River, Oregon. There are four main areas that are ongoing and have plans for further development:
1. Annual Vegetable Gardens: About 8000 sq ft are currently devoted to our annual vegetable garden area. We also have an additional 2000 sq feet for hard neck garlic, a 200 sq foot greenhouse which is where we grow veggie starts and two 500 sq foot hoop houses to get an early start on the season.
2. Perennial herb & flower beds, raised vegetable beds: Closest to the house are garden herb and flower beds that provide habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators. 5 raised beds and an herb spiral provide a kitchen garden for cut greens. There is also about 1000 sq foot cut flower garden.
3. Food Forest: One acre has recently been planted with perennial fruit trees and is scheduled to have new plant types added each year. Some of the perennial fruits include: plum, quince, cherry, fig, pear, peach, nectarine, guava, kiwi, and a variety of berries.
4. Bees, Poultry, Goats, Rabbits and Vermiculture: We also have a vermiculture (worm) pile,  rabbits, ducks, geese,  chickens and  beehives. All animals are for non-meat purposes such as manure, pollination, eggs, milk and honey.